Join us at the hive.

Like adventure? You are in for a treat.

Sharebees vision.

Some are motivated by numbers and fast results. At Sharebee, we are different. Here is what motivates us everyday.

Cultivate empathy.

Every great product solves problems for real humans. What it means is connecting with our customer needs and going back to the drawing board every time we don’t meet them. We don’t take criticism personally, but seriously. We don’t provide tools to them, we provide tools for them.


There is no trust without communication. There is no trust without transparency or purpose. We communicate with our customers every single day to build a product that they truly want and love.


We can’t be the best at everything, nor we can do everything for everyone. But eliminating tedious tasks for our customers while eliminating waste of resources and time, that is something worth pursuing.

Think long-term.

As a team, we progress together towards a big hairy goal: to satisfy our customers as best as we can and improve their quality of life. Sometimes, it means sacrificing some short-term goals. But deep down, we know that if we keep pushing, those won’t matter anyway in the grand scheme of things.

Be an idea powerhouse.

Perfection? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Our secret sauce is just iterating like crazy and show our work to people even if we are embarrassed. Because we are driven by creativity, not ego.

Take risky bets.

There is something utterly wrong about never being wrong. Risk has always been part of our DNA. We strive to always challenge our assumptions and conventional wisdom, even if it means putting something we are excited about on the shelf or starting it all over again.


Work life flexibility

We have a flexible working life and give everyone the opportunity to adapt to their external commitments.


Learning is highly valued and actually expected at Sharebee. We encourage everyone to leave their comfort zone and off the well-travelled paths.


We prefer to be copied rather than duplicate existing solutions. We prefer to create the future than live too much in the past. We also love to notice the details that nobody does.

Help us create a more sustainable city.

Think you have what it takes? We have frequent job openings. Tell us what makes you tick, and get a chance to be part of the personal storage revolution.

Talk to us like we’re your friends, because we might end up being just that.