We are Sharebee.

What we do.

Founded in early 2017 and based in Montreal, Sharebee allows people and businesses to list or rent unused storage spaces.

Why a bee?

Bees have always been known for their communal nature and their ability to coexist as a society. Communication, complex hive design, environmental control, defense and division of labor are some of the behaviours that bees have developed to succeed in social colonies.

These unique traits make the bee one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Their ability to manage space is a characteristic that captivates us. In a hive, every millimeter of space is exploited to its fullest extent. Despite the thousands of individuals living inside, everything goes smoothly.

From the very beginning, Sharebee’s mission has been to make space more accessible by emphasizing solidarity and mutual assistance. The bee is therefore an obvious choice that reflects our contribution to humanity.

Join the hive.

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